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Kraquehaus Productions
Stretching Out Our Legs
I need Track 10 by Skinny Puppy if anyone has got it.

I know someone on here has to have it.
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I am doing some work for the company Airship Ventures. Long story short, they knew I also do recording and have an interest in voice over work* so they asked me to be the voice of their phone tree system.

If you call them during off hours or when no one answers, you shall be greeted with my voice in your ear.

I am quite proud of it, actually.

*I am actually interested in doing more of this type of work. I am getting a lot of positive feedback. If you know of any leads, please send them my way!

It is also worth noting that Airship Ventures is an amazingly cool company employed by many amazingly cool cats. I am sure you will hear more about them soon...
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I've been up to my dreads with crap going on.

Here is one of them, and it is horribly boring geek stuff:

I have a nice desktop machine. It has 4 hard drives. One is my start-up disk (which is getting full and needs to be replaced). The other three are 350gig drives set up as a striped RAID purely for documents and scratch files. This means I basically have a super fast 1TB drive (roughly). Great for recording and doing video work. Also three times as likely to fail.

My HDs are full.

No, there is no pr0n eating up space. It is a legit 1TB of audio (mostly stuff I have recorded), video, documents, etc.

Roughly two months ago I bought 3 750gig drives to replace all of my RAID drives thus doubling my space. Yay! Only problem is I don't have a backup drive to do the swap. I had planned on buying a drobo now that they support Firewire 800, but the prospect of spending nearly $1k on a backup system (since it would need to be able to backup ~2TB) became a non-option as I must be excessively frugal right now.

Last week I broke down and bought a 1TB drive. I abruptly got a gig needing me to work almost non-stop so I couldn't allow the potential day of down time backup up. I waited until this weekend to do the deed.

Friday night I started the backup. Used Carbon Copy to splash all of my RAID onto my 1TB backup drive. I occasionally checked up on it, and then saturday afternoon my computer would only give me the beach ball. After waiting until late saturday with no alteration, I decided to reboot. It still had 30gig left to copy over, so I knew I had to start fresh to cover my ass. Not cool.

Today I had more work to do, so I did it on my old laptop that runs like a dog, has only really old versions of PS/FW/AI/etc., none of my fonts, etc. while I finished my backup.

Sunday evening/Monday morning the backup was finally done. This meant I could yank the three drives, swap them with the three new drives, test them, wipe them, stripe them into a RAID, and prep for the Big Backup™. To save time, I also yanked out my start-up drive, slammed the 1TB backup in as an internal drive, and plugged the start-up drive in as an external USB drive. This way I get the SATA buss speed during my restore onto my newly created 2TB RAID.

That backup is plugging away right now at a good pace. I'm also using SuperDuper! instead of Carbon Copy this time. Carbon Copy was requiring my admin password every other folder copy or so. Pretty sure I have SuperDuper! set up to avoid this headache.

Hopefully when I wake up all will be restored and I'll have my machine back.

Next, I backup my start-up drive, then go get my previous RAID backup drive (which is a 750gig drive) and swap those out.

I have a good chunk of work to do tomorrow that I need my desktop for (recording), so I hope all goes well.

See? That was a boring post. But, I needed to vent a bit.


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Someone hooked me up with this rare video that Specimen 2.0* produced in San Francisco in 1986.

From my notes about the video:

A rare video produced by Specimen in 1986 in San Francisco. The track is off the never released Specimen album recorded with the '86 SF lineup.

This version of Specimen featured Ollie Wisdom (vox), Kimba (bass & backing vox), Smeg (guitar), Geri Finelli (keys & backing vox), & Dick Nose (drums)

Apparently, the stop motion is by "the cake twins" that baked cakes for all of their favorite rock stars (Kiss, Alice Cooper, Wasp, etc.); apparently they were featured in some rock zines "back in the day". The cakes had all of the guts brains and blood on the inside. This video features a cabbage patch doll being put together guts first.

*This is what I call the reformation of Specimen when Ollie Wisdom took the band name when he stayed in the US and everyone else went back to the UK.

Specimen 1.0
– The original line up (Ollie Wisdom, Jon Klein, Kevin Mills, Jonny Slut, Jonathan Trevisick)

Specimen 2.0
– The SF based '86 era (Ollie Wisdom, Kimba, Smeg, Geri Finelli, Tim Huthert)

Specimen 3.0
– The new millennium reunification. (Me [T.bias], Jon Klein, Kimba, Stephan X, Tim Huthert)
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Crazy Japanese Sandwiches
Originally uploaded by kraquehaus.
tongodeon and matrushkaka: I have found your crazy Japanese sandwiches closer to home in a San Mateo Japanese market. They are exactly the same as the ones you brought back from San Jose.

For those not in the know:

-Spaghetti Con Hotdog Sandwich™
-Corn and Mayo Sandwich™
-Soba Noodle Sandwich™
-Fried Potato Pea Fritter & Coleslaw with Tonkatsu Sauce Sandwich™


Yes, really.
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Nico listening to The 9th
Originally uploaded by kraquehaus.
I am listening to The 9th and sipping a nice Glenlivet 15yr French Oak Reserve*. Nico seems to like the violas coming out of monitor.

*This is currently my favourite scotch for under $100 I've had. It is smooth and almost sweet without a lot of smoke. If I want smoke I'll go Johnny Walker Green+. I was going to get a bottle of JW Blue, but decided I shouldn't spend the $180 on a bottle right now.
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A great article about the difference of between doing it the way and doing it a way as demonstrated between the differences in refueling a plane in Japan vs. China.

Article here.

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I found this startling imagery of what is clearly Bigfoot in Georgia.

There have been some other accounts out there.

Here is some clear evidence of said Bigfoot in Georgia.


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I made this recipe up, but damn it's good.

No milk products were used. Spent hours boiling crabs, getting the meat out from the shells, using the shells and tomalley to make stock along with lots of other stock making ingredients of course; mirepoix of celery/carrots/shallots, parsley, vermouth, wine, white pepper corns, a little salt to help bring the flavours out (not to season the stock since that can be done later), paprika, dash of oregano, pinch of cinnamon, and probably something else I'm forgetting.

Stock, avocados, potatoes (just enough to keep the soup thick; ended up only using half a potato I think), coconut milk, wine, vermouth, lots of crab meat and a few spices. I then blended it with a new hand blender to make it nice and creamy. Before serving I added a hand full of solid crab meat to each bowl, placed a few of the sweeter leg meats on the top, a little finely diced fennel to give it some crunch and dashed some paprika on top.

It is soooo rich, but amazing, if I do say so myself.

I have left overs. Want to come over and have some? Let me know. ;-)


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Because it has come up in conversation again, please make sure to watch this. It is somewhat lengthy, but well worth it. Know your rights!

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