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Kandid Fullfrontal Consumption - Kraquehaus Productions — LiveJournal
Stretching Out Our Legs
Kandid Fullfrontal Consumption
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mykeamend From: mykeamend Date: December 11th, 2008 07:58 am (UTC) (Link)
If every browser but one died, I would be happy.

It doesn't even really matter which one.

I would prefer to see Firefox only just for convenience' sake, as it is cross-platform and not run by either OS maker.

I wonder who all these people are who keep deciding that we need yet another and another browser?

Anymore, by the time I am done making something look good in both IE and firefox, Mac and PC, then grudgingly adjusting for safari - I am done.

I got tired long ago of people wanting me to troubleshoot for this or some Johnny-come-lately 1% share browser or their uber-special .2% share OS, just so they can feel elite for not going with the sensible choice: The browsers that everyone on the interwebs programs for, the browsers that already work and need no troubleshooting.

Instead, I have to roll back and forth between several computers and try out each of their browsers, and there always seems to be another browser on the way.

It seems much like making up one's own language, and getting upset and indignant with everyone else for not trying to speak it.

Mozilla was the bane of my existence for years, because I really needed to focus on the 97%, and it was always a bit of work making something work and look properly in I.E. without mozilla completely screwing it up.

But now that it has a good enough share, I sort of feel that there should be no other browser... ever. It would certainly make my work easier.
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