Kraquehaus Productions (kraquehaus) wrote,
Kraquehaus Productions

Zeppelin Landing at Moffett Field

The Airship Ventures Zeppelin coming back in for a landing after being christened "Eureka".

You can see Hanger 2 once it comes down for the landing; the bed it sleeps in at night.

I had the amazing experience of attending the Airship Ventures Zeppelin naming ceremony at Moffett Field as a guest of Airship Ventures. We were on the tarmac for the ceremony and some of us got to go up in the Zeppelin for a teaser flight. It is an amazing ship and unlike any experience I have ever had. It was almost like being in a large boat, but instead of floating on water we were floating on the air. The craft has an amazing amount of control which allows for some elegant maneuvers.
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